Thursday, January 3, 2008

So the holidays are over, but the busy life continues. Lots of pending travel is coming up. In fact, I've already submitted vacation requests for almost all of my time for the remainder of the year.

Potentially going to Maryland in January.
Going to Nags Head in February.
Staying home in March? That's unpossible!
Orlando is up next in April.
For my birthday in May, we may go to South Carolina.
Middle of June we'll be in West Virginia.
End of June and beginning of July, we'll be in Hawaii.
August through October have nothing planned yet, but that doesn't mean anything as we'll surely go somewhere.
In November we'll definitely be in South Carolina.
December calls for a Christmas trip to Maryland.


J Money said...

When are you having all your friends over for a rager in Nags Head?

plang said...

I take it that you will not be in Utah in late June then...

Tim said...

Sadly, the day of your wedding is the day that we're flying to Hawaii.