Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yahoo has provided everyone a shocking insight. Read the highlighted portion of the picture below. I'm shocked.

Monday, January 30, 2006

My taxes are all finished and submitted. It's nice to get it out of the way and I usually try to be done by the end of January. I almost broke even. I ended up loaning the feds $123 at no interest. Not bad.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

con·tent Pronunciation Key (kn-tnt)

1. Desiring no more than what one has; satisfied.
2. Ready to accept or acquiesce; willing
3. The state of not needing a new car when your current car is less than 2 years old
4. Not the state of looking at 8 car dealerships for cars when your car is less than 2 years old

Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's that time of the year. A new top 10 has been created. Without further ado...

1. Kate Beckinsale
2. Lacey Chabert
3. Angie Everhart
4. Naomi Watts
5. Jennifer Garner
6. Elizabeth Hurley
7. Michele Merkin
8. Petra Nemcova
9. Famke Janssen
10. Salma Hayek

Friday, January 27, 2006

My new work schedule is el-sucko. Why do I have a new work schedule? Because I hate school, that's why.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

In world news today, the Palestinians elected a bunch of terrorists to lead them. Well done. At the same time they wonder why Israel felt it was necessary to build a giant wall to keep them out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

There are some hilariously horrible singers out there. I caught some of American Idle tonight and I cannot believe what some of these people are thinking. For example, the Michael Jackson wannabe? What was that exactly? It wasn't singing. He had the outfit I guess, but that was it. I believe he was trying to sing Thriller, but then he forgot the words to it halfway through.

Not. Too. Good.

Monday, January 23, 2006

It's been a while since I've updated my playlist, but now it is complete. I still haven't ripped some of my CD's, but it's close enough. It's more than will fit on my Nano. 2070 songs. Almost 135 hours.

My playlist in all it's glory.
I was at school today and parked close to my car was a Mercedes SL65 AMG. A few questions immediately come to mind. First being, who the freak at CSU can afford a $182,100 car (base price)? Second being, who in their right mind would drive a 604 HP rear wheel drive car in the Winter? Third being... they're stupid and I hate them.
Here's some more of what ESPN says about Purdue's football recruiting class:

"If anyone was disappointing in the Big Ten in 2005, it was Purdue. With so many starters returning, a nice schedule and a solid defense and quarterback, many in West Lafayette had Big Ten title hopes.

With 22 commitments so far, Purdue is obviously looking for some immediate help and has heavily recruited the junior college ranks. With nine JUCO kids and one prep schooler already having committed, the Boilermakers are trying to patch some holes.

At the high school level, this is a group of good players with no real standouts. QB Jeff Panfil (Fort Worth-North Crowley, Texas) is the Southwest's version of Washington Huskies QB commit Jake Locker. He can make plays with his arm and legs and has tremendous upside.

Athlete Jeff Lindsay (Macomb-L'Anse Creuse North, Mich.) was a quarterback in high school but will likely make the move to safety or tight end in college. He reminds me of former Boliermakers safety Stuart Schweigert.

With the departure of QB Brandon Kirsch to the NFL, Purdue has landed two other quarterback prospects in Chris Caflisch (San Antonio-Madison, Texas), who also can play another position, and Keith Smith (Killeen-Shoemaker, Texas).

As usual, Purdue has a strong presence in Texas with six verbal commitments. "

Thursday, January 19, 2006

This just in: LeBron James does NOT deserve to win the NBA MVP. The definition of a MVP player (in my opinion) is one who elevates the play of others on his team and also consistently delivers in the clutch. Having watched LeBron 30 times this year, that just isn't happening. He takes way too many wild shots. He holds the ball much too often. The other players on the team go into a wide eyed daze whenever he has the ball and they refuse to move. He is only hitting about 65% of his free throws in the past month. He plays lacidasical defense.

On the plus side he has all the ability in the world, all he has to do is work at his deficiencies. If he worked on his free throw shooting he would improve. If he worked on his defense he would improve. There's no doubt in my mind that the sky is the limit for him, but it appears that he gets into a zone where he feels comfortable being the player he is now. That little bit is what seperates him from being Michael Jordan. Maybe it's just because he's 21. Who knows. Right now though, he's not the MVP.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today is my first day of school. Only 29 more school days left. Hooray for school.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My company announced profits today. Profit was up 37% year over year. How do you think the stock market took that? The stock was down $3.50 at one point and ended up down $2.15.

Interesting. We beat the analysts predictions and everything. Apparently people buy rumors and sell good news.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Anyone know when Purdue football season tickets go on sale?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The results of the Colts - Steelers game was quite surprising. I would have bet a lot of money that Vanderjagt would make that kick and the Colts would win in overtime. Fate seemed to be on their side after the Bettis fumble inside the 5.

As for the Bears - Panthers game. How was there no penalty on the wideout during first touchdown to Steve Smith? Basically Smith did a stutter step, the corner stopped, and Smith just ran right over him. Then they called a penalty on the corner? Give me a break.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

NFL Discontinues ‘Take Your Daughter To Work Day’

This just in: Brandon Kirsch has declared for the NFL draft. Here's my prediction... he doesn't get drafted. He might make it to a NFL Europe spot, but not as a quarterback. They'll either move him to wide out or to safety.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Here are the Cavs two biggest problems.

1. They don't play consistent defense. They allow way too many uncontested layups. They need to work on their lateral movement. Drew Gooden is the main culprit, but overall I'm very satisfied with his play.

2. They settle for jumpshots when they should be attacking the rim. When LeBron brings the ball up they go into a 1-4 and just sit there. There's no movement whatsoever. Then LeBron will wait outside the arc until 7 seconds are on the shot clock. He'll try a dribble drive and if that gets stopped he'll hoist up a fallway 17-22 footer. I see it 10 times a game at least. They need to learn to move without the ball. I'd like to see them institute the "Hoosiers Rule." There must be at least 5 passes before every shot.

The offense should go through Z every time. Not LeBron. If they pass it into the post every play then everything will open up on the outside. I don't understand why they cannot execute when it's so obvious. They take 20 three pointers a game and they're hitting about 6 lately. Make the extra pass. Study tape of Detroit and San Antonio. They know how to move without the ball.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

As far as I can tell, the heaviest high school recruit in the nation is 6'6" 380 pounds. He's a guard named Charles Smith and is going to Temple.

Can you imagine being some runty nose tackle giving up 200 pounds to this guy?

380 pounds. In high school.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here's a look at the players that Purdue has signed. I take away a few things from this. First, there looks to be a lot of pretty good JuCo transfers who can hopefully step right in and play. Second, the coaching staff seems to do a really good job in California and Texas. That's good news since those states have a ton of talent.

Monday, January 9, 2006

Purdue doesn't have a single committed football recruit from the state of Indiana. Are there no talented prospects there or are they now all going to Notre Dame and that bastian of football greatness - IU?

Look no further, here's all the rated Indiana high school football players that have committed.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Why does the NFL have any plays that cannot be reviewed? It's so stupid. Two plays that were actually fumbles were called as "player down by contact" which is a non-reviewable play. Why is it non-reviewable? Is there a purpose to that? Shouldn't the goal always to be to make the right call? Who cares if the game takes 6 hours if all the calls were correct. I'd rather have a 6 hour game with no blown calls than a 3 hours game that was decided by the refs instead of the players.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

I was watching the Tampa Bay - Washington game and the refs did a fantastic job on one particular play. When Cadillac Williams fubmled and it took about 5 seconds for the Redskins to get the ball and stand up and start running... In every other instance I am positive that some ref would've blown the whistle and thus ended the play, but they didn't in this case. I was very surprised at their restraint.

Good job referees!

Friday, January 6, 2006

I'll have you know that Purdue just won it's 6th straight national championship in NCAA 2005. The average score of each game was 71.6 - 3.1. In the final game of the season I beat Georgia 105 - 3. I beat Notre Dame 120 - 0. 5 minute quarters on Varisty level.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Did you ever feel like your insides were being eaten by a starfish? Me neither.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Two weeks ago I picked USC to win 35-27. The closer to the game it got though the less sure I was. I never fully switched to picking Texas, but today I may have been 51% picking Texas. I didn't really know what to expect in the game.

Now that it's here, here are some thoughts at halftime:

1. What the heck was Reggie Bush thinking when he lateraled the ball at about the 20 yard line? There was about a 5% chance of success on that play. All the momentum was with USC at that time and he needed to just go down after his 25 yard run.

2. If USC had kicked the field goal when they had 4th and 1 at the 19 they would've been up 10 - 0. Assuming Bush didn't lateral it and they scored a TD, they would've had a commanding 17 - 0 lead, and I think that would've been the ballgame.

3. What is the point of having replay in college football if they're not going to use it? What a joke that a team has to call a timeout in order for the freaking replay official to do his job. Guess what jerk face? The only job you have is to watch for plays and call a replay. That's it. What exactly were you doing when you saw Vince Young's knee down at the 10? Were you ordering a pizza? You obviously weren't watching the replays on TV. The team should not have to call a timeout in order for you to do your job. You'd think they'd make sure the replay guys were at the top of their game after the Michigan - Nebraska fiasco, but apparently that's too much to expect.

4. The USC players need shoes with longer cleats. Leinart has slipped down at least four times. Bush already had to change shoes.

5. It looks to me like USC is the more talented team but Texas is playing better. For a while the ball was flying all over the place on the ground, but the players seem to have settled down. The momentum really seemed to change when Texas went to the no-huddle on offense. USC's defense lost some of their composure when that happened.

The USC band played Spirit of Troy at halftime and I seriously thought that it was Beat It by Michael Jackson.

What do I expect in the second half? I think USC won't be so careless with the ball. I also think that Texas will play with more spirit out there. Who wins? I still think USC will win.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Which car do you think is the biggest sleeper among this group?

Volvo S60R
Mazdaspeed 6
Suburu WRX Wagon
Volkswagen Passat 3.6 4Motion
Dodge Magnum SRT8

Monday, January 2, 2006

If Brent Musburger were any bigger Ohio State fan I think he might explode. When Ted Ginn was running the end around for an eventual touchdown Musburger said "And he's going to take it to the house." The only problem was that there were still 4 Notre Dame players down there to tackle him and he was still on the 20 yard line. I'm happy Notre Dame sucked, but it still irritated me.

Here's my impression of Brent Musburger:

Whoa nelly! Hey folks, it's a one yard run, partner. He's going to take it to the house! Our ole buddy Jack Arute will surely report on it Gary, my man. In the college game, we've got ourselves a dandy! My friends, the fighting Buckeyes of THE Ohio State University are playing someone today! Holy Buckeye! I'm so excited I'm going to pee in my Ohio State Underoos! The Buckeyes of Ohio State just LOVE the Fiesta Bowl. Remember when they won the national championship? Remember? Huh, huh, do ya? Whoo! Let's take a look back at every game that Ohio State has ever played in. I love the way they beat Indiana by 2 points in 1931. That game was just great.
Did anyone get anything exciting and unexpected as a Christmas gift? I got a season pass to Cedar Point, which I did not expect at all. It's not often that I get surprised by something, but that did it.

I imagine I'll go about 6 times this year, so if anyone wants to go, hit me up.
The holidays are over. Life is finally back to normal. I no longer have to go out to eat 37 times a day. I can clean my house and not have to clean it again in 6 hours. I don't have to run around like a mad man every day.