Saturday, December 27, 2003

Christmas is over. I'm exhausted.

I went to my first Cavs game of the new Wine and Gold era. It was pathetic. Where is the rebounding? How tall are you Z? Can you jump? Do you have arms? Hey LeBron, those passes go to the team in WHITE, not RED. Erik Williams? Are we paying for tickets in order to see you shoot? I think not.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Jessica Simpson is pretty darn hot, but she is so so stupid, and annoying also I might add. I watch that Newlywed show for about 10 minutes every once in a while just to remind myself of that fact.

Friday, December 19, 2003

I finally finished my Christmas shopping tonight. I usually end up getting myself about as much stuff as I buy as gifts for other people, but this year I hardly got myself anything.... some shoes, a phone, and some DVD's. There isn't even anything that I really want (within my price range) so maybe that's why I didn't get myself a bunch of stuff. I'm fairly certain that it isn't because of my self-discipline.
Stupid baseball. Can they ever go a whole off-season without shooting themselves in the foot?

-Ricky D's Renegades
Forwarding Address: Boston Mass.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Dear Major League Baseball,

Use this Alex Rodriguez trade to break the union. They players association is getting involved where it shouldn't be, and it is complaining about a trade, which it's member is in favor of. BREAK THE UNION! Have Rodriguez say "Screw you union, I'm doing what I want to do and if you don't like it too bad, you have no authority over me when I quit the union. What do you say to that? One of the most popular players quitting the union? Hmm, that would be bad publicity, so hey stupid union you better do what I want, since without players you are nothing after all... and oh yeah, you're supposed to have my interests at heart, not your own."

I hate the MLB union. NO! You must not reduce your salary from $25 million to $24 million per year! Think about the children! How will they survive! The children!
The Indians have tried to trade away the last player on the team who was on the 97 World Series team. The problem is that Omar didn't pass his physical in Seattle. He had 2 knee surgeries in the off-season, and Seattle said that the knees were apparently still problems.

I actually didn't have much of a problem with the trade. They would get Guillen, who is 8 years younger, and last year put up about the same numbers. He also makes $2 million less per year, not that the Indians would spend that money, but in theory it's a good thing.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

So the operation name that caught Saddam was "Red Dawn" and the infantry that got him were the "Wolverines"... I half expected Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howard to pop out of the spider-hole with M-16's.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

I just finished watching the Cavs - Pistons game (in between the Purdue - Oklahoma pseudo game.) In garbage time, with the Cavs up by 10 with a minute to go, Darko came in. The first time he touched the ball he immediately turned to shoot and got blocked by Z. The next time down he was wide open and went to dunk and clanked it off the front of the rim. I imagine things like that have to do wonders for your confidence.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I was bored, and when I get bored I spend money... This time I bought the following DVDs on Amazon :

The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark/The Temple of Doom/The Last Crusade) - Widescreen
The Simpsons - The Complete Second Season
The Simpsons - The Complete Third Season
The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition)
Alias - The Complete First Season
Alias - The Complete Second Season

The odds that I will ever watch any of these? Not so good. Why do I buy things? I don't know. I think it's because I'm stupid.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

If you could change your name to anything, why would you pick Fluffy McButterpants?

-Hootie McBoob
I find your ideas intriguing. I would like to sign up for your newsletter.

Monday, December 8, 2003

Tonight was my last night in my hot teacher class and I am sad.

Sunday, December 7, 2003

So the number 1 team in the nation in both polls is screwed out of a spot in the championship game. Whew! This is a lot better than a playoff would be. Think of all the exciting debate that we can have now. Hooray.

That said, Purdue is going to the Capital One "Should still be called Citrus" Bowl. Is anyone going to this game, or will it just be me and 65,000 empty seats? Tickets are $65/each, which is pretty reasonable I think. Priority tickets need to be ordered before December 12th, so if you're going, and you want to sit together in a group, let me know.

Saturday, December 6, 2003

If you had offered me Kansas State + 14 before the game, there's no way I would've taken the bet. Watching the game though, I was quite impressed with how they played. That little midgety running back they have has got to be one of the fastest football players I've ever seen. Oklahoma's team speed all season was amazing, but K-State just ran past them all night long. I'm amazed.

Now we'll see if the BCS is going to screw it up tomorrow. USC should be #1, LSU should be #2, and OU should be #3. I would accept it if OU ended #2, but everyone on ESPN is talking about USC being #1 in the polls, but #3 in the BCS. If that happens, maybe it will be the key to getting a playoff finally. I doubt it though. What would happen is that #1 USC would play #4 Michigan, and #2 LSU would play #3 OU, and there would be a split championship in the minds of the fans.

Friday, December 5, 2003

There is some talk of restoring a modified Margin of Victory calculation to the BCS. That would help teams like Oklahoma and hurt teams like Ohio State. There would be a cap of 20 points however, so if you're up 59-7, there would be no gain from piling it on even further.

The BCS is better than the way it used to be (just polls) but is still far away from the ideal playoff system. I think an 8 team playoff is the way to go, and this can be accomplished by reducing the regular season by one game. That would mean that the finalists would play only one more game per season than they play now. The current BCS Bowl Games would each house a playoff game, with some others being elevated to that position on a rotating basis. The rest of the bowl games would be filled with teams not in the 8 team playoff. As with anything NCAA related though, it's all about the money, and the big bowls aren't willing to risk their current cash cow by doing something logical.
Are comment numbers working for anyone? For me I see a whole lot of "No Comments" when there actually are comments.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Why in the world would you take a perfectly good G35 sedan and add all-wheel drive to it, but take out the manual transmission? It makes no sense. My only hope is that they'll wait half a year to add the manual to it like they did originally on the sedan.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Florida has been selected to go to the Outback Bowl. Interestingly, Purdue isn't finalized as the opponent, which can really mean only one thing... Ohio State will go to a BCS Bowl, and Purdue would go to the Citrus. The Outback is obligated to take Big 10 number 3, so I think the only reason they wouldn't is if Big Ten #2 didn't go to the Citrus, but instead went to another BCS bowl. It's supposed to be finalized this weekend, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Apparently, the type of performance-enhancing drugs the Raiders were using aren't the kind that help you pressure the quarterback, stop the run, or establish a passing game.
I ordered a Purdue helmet from Blue Sky Magical Mystery Creation Machines and boy did they deliver. The helmet looks great, but it doesn't quite fit my big fat head. The helmet has earned 7 Boilermaker train decals, so I think they stole it from the punter. Here's some pictures of my unfinished sports-themed room. On the door is a Boiler Junction This Way sign that I remember literally flying off the wall in Tark and going down my shirt. I didn't even realize what happened until I was back in my room. Wierd. I also have the pennants of the Big 10 teams, with an extra Purdue at top. I ordered them from this website for $49.95. In the bottom left are the two shelves, the bottom one housing Purdue cups from as far back as 1997 when Purdue beat Michigan 9-3 and we stormed the field. That cup comes complete with grass from the field. Also on that shelf are the remains of my ridiculous balloon Rose Bowl hat. The top shelf has Indians cups from Jacobs Field dating back to 1995. The bottom right picture contains cups from other stadiums I've been to, like Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Houston, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Texas. The ball is from Milwaukee during batting practice (after we saw the Pirates on consecutive days in Pittsburgh and Milwaukee). Pirates pitcher Todd Ritchie threw me about a 45 MPH curve ball that I missed by at least 10 inches. That's one of my proudest moments.

Monday, December 1, 2003

Color me confused. Purdue destroyed Iowa, yet in the ESPN/USA Today poll Iowa is ranked ahead of Purdue. Hmm.

Also, I heard that IU was changing their fight song.... to I'll Be Home For Christmas.