Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm off tomorrow for South Carolina. I'll be back to the snow fort on Monday. Assuming I won't talk to any of you, have a good and safe Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 21, 2005

We've been having problems with Iran not agreeing to stop uranium enrichment. I think I have found the answer.

Exhibit A:

One of the bad guys from Superman II - Non (one of General Zod's people)

Exhibit B:

This a picture of Irans president and his bodyguards. Check out the bodyguard on the right. Tell me he doesn't bear a striking similarity to Non from Superman II.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Here are a couple of observations from last nights USC - Fresno State game.

1. Reggie Bush is insanely fast. It was like I was watching a video game. If he got the ball past the line without being hit it was all over.

2. When Notre Dame lost a close game (at home) they didn't fall a single spot in the polls. I guarantee that Fresno State drops at least 3 spots in the close loss (on the road.)

3. USC has a 3,000 yard passer, two 1,000 yard rushers, and two 1,000 yard receivers. That's ridiculous. That has to put them in the running for best college offense ever.

4. Fresno State had every chance to give up last night after USC came out in the 3rd quarter and scored 15 points in 3 minutes, but they didn't. Their very next drive they moved right down the field and scored.

5. It would be nice if the freaking game didn't start at 10:15 PM Eastern. I think I managed to stay up until the 4th quarter but then I surrendered. From what I watched it was every bit as dramatic as OSU-Michigan, and because of the scoring it was more exciting. If the Pac-10 wants to be in the spotlight then their best teams should play no later than 4:05 Pacific, so that people East of Sacramento actually have a chance of staying up for the whole game.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Purdue game was not on TV here and I never saw any highlights. The only mentions I heard of the game were when Lee Corso called the QB "Chris Painter" and when Mike Tirico commented on the disappointing finish for IU.

I don't know how many returning starters there are, but the defensive turnaround bodes well, and just from the stats it looks like the offense could be in capable hands with Korey Sheets and Curtis Painter.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Is it sad that it's 9:45 PM on a Friday night and I'm going to sleep?

Yes. Yes it is.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Circumstances have prevented me from replacing my Summer tires with my Winter tires. Namely, freaking school last night where I had a damn test. That and the fact that it's been 65 degrees for all of November until yesterday afternoon So now we have snow on the ground and my car is incapable of being driven safely. In my 1.5 mile commute to work my ABS and traction control fired 5 times and I slid sideways going around a turn at 5 MPH. I am going to attempt to have my Winter tires put on today, but I really don't feel good at all about having to drive it out 10 miles to get them put on.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

With no exaggeration I can tell you that right now, at 9:47 PM on November 15th, it is 70 degrees in Cleveland. I can also tell you that they are predicting snow tomorrow.



Thursday, November 10, 2005

There is a huge HUGE LeBron James poster outside the Q - don't call me Gund - Arena. I'd estimate that it's 100 by 200. It's actually pretty mellow considering it's a Nike ad. It just shows him against a black background with some kind of insane dunk about to happen.

In other news the NFL has agreed to put a team back in Los Angeles. Since they've also said they will not be expanding, it's got to be one of the struggling teams. Can anyone say the New Orleans San Antonio Baton Rouge Saints? If they let that crap owner hit the proverbial jackpot in LA then someone should be puked upon, and it had better not be me. Of course I'm just speculating here, but if the NFL takes away New Orleans team now, after it was virtually destroyed, then there's something seriously wrong with the leadership of the league.

The only two other teams I can think of that are possible relocations possibilities are the Arizona Cardinals and the San Diego Chargers. San Diego has wanted a new stadium for years and even though they make $100 million a year in profit they claim they can't afford to build one. Interesting. It's the same sob story from the Cardinals. Oh no! I had to sell my 88th Bentley the other day in order to finance my wifes 17 caret anniversary ring. Oh the humanity! Won't someone please take pity on me and build my poor fledgling team a stadium?

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Congress is full of idiots.

Example A

Congress believes that oil companies have enjoyed unreasonably high profits.

In reality, oil companies have invested billions and billions in their capital assets. Why did they do this? They expected to make money. Did the government invest billions? No, but they want to take the money earned by big oil and reinvestment in what? In social security? Oh boy, that's a great idea. Lets take money from a profitable part of the economy and sink it into a black hole. Here's a clue for you Congress... stop spending so much freaking money. Thats the answer. The answer is not to take money from people who have it and redistribute it to people who don't. That's called socialism and it just doesn't work.

Why are rich people rich? Generally because they've worked their butts off for it. Are there idiots like Paris Hilton who fall into it? Yes, but I can guarantee that somewhere in the Hilton clan was someone busting their ass. The rich drive the economy. They supply the jobs. They pay the taxes. Taking their money to give it to a government that throws good money after bad is just about the worst possible idea ever.

Now I'm just rambling, but the moral of the story is that people who make money are not evil. They are good at what they do. People who are good at what they do should not be penalized because they're better at it than other people.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

School is keeping me much busier than normal this semester. I presume that's because I have a project due every single Wednesday as well as a test every Wednesday.

Hooray for higher education. I feel like I will truly be a useful worker bee in society now.

Here's what school has taught me so far. What a piece of paper says means nothing about what you are actually capable of. I've run across so many people who are good students but terrible workers, and vice versa.

Here's what the most expensive (with the possible exception of a pre-nup) piece of paper you'll ever have will get you: in the door. After that, it's all up to you. If it were up to me, it wouldn't even do that. As a programmer, I think people should have to submit programs and design databases as their resume. That will more surely weed out those that are capable and those that aren't. Why do you ask am I interested in that? Because that would mean I wouldn't have to cover for people who do nothing all day but try to look busy and then fail even at that.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Painter had his best game of the year, but he still has trouble hitting receivers. I've seen way too many throws at peoples feet and way too many 5 feet over someones head. For the team to pull out a win, especially after finding a new and exciting way to give up points just before halftime, says something good about the character of the team.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Have you seen the Gatorade commercial where Jordan shoots over Ehlo and misses?

Oh happy day.

Then I just turn the channel before they can twist the knife, and that's how history is corrected.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Capital Budgeting.


When I say hey, you say replacement chain.

Hey! Replacement chain! Hey! Replacement chain!

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Could it be? The big 3-0? I think it could. Better stock up on that Geritol.

Happy birthday to the person whose name rhymes with Nebucadnezzar. I mean, Gustin Cash.