Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taken from the far left leaning Slate, this article appropriately takes Clinton to task for all of her "many" years of experience.

Clinton's claim to superior experience isn't merely dishonest. It's also potentially dangerous should she become the nominee. If Clinton continues to build her campaign on the dubious foundation of government experience, it shouldn't be very difficult for her GOP opponent to pull that edifice down. That's especially true if a certain white-haired senator now serving his 25th year in Congress (four in the House and 21 in the Senate) wins the nomination. McCain could easily make Hillary look like an absolute fraud who is no more truthful about her depth of government experience than she is about why her mother named her "Hillary." Dennis Kucinich has more government experience than Clinton. If Clinton doesn't find a new theme soon, she won't just be cutting Obama's throat. She'll also be cutting her own.

I find it interesting, and also completely disturbing, that the American media and public eat up whatever she says. She could say "I'm the first woman to step foot on the moon" and tomorrow you'll watch the news to see the leading story being "Hillary RODHAM Clinton steps foot on moon! Without a space suit! Amazing!"

She says she has vast experience. Well, whoopty freaking do. Anyone can say that. She doesn't actually have any vast amount of experience though. She just says she does, and the little sheeple fall right in line.

Wake up people! That is, wake up the 7 people who regularly read this site and aren't even the target of needing this information!


plang said...

I know you don't like Clinton for many reasons (most of which I agree), but I don't want her for president for 1 very specific reason - I don't like oligarchies. Think of it this way. Bush senior was VP for 8 years, then Pres for 4. W. Clinton was Pres for 8 years. Bush junior will be Pres for 8 years. If H. Clinton wins, that is another 4 years from 1 of the same two families. Time for someone else to screw things up!

e said...

What? I'm too busy listening to Giuliani talk about 9/11 one more time....or McCain trying to make all the illegal immigrants my buddies.

So how much experience did G.W. have before he ruined our country?? Oh, he was governor of Texas for 5 years. Wow, that helped immensely.

You know, I don't like any of the candidates out there right now. But instead of ripping on all the democratic candidates, how about some more positive content on other candidates??

Tim said...

It's not democratic candidates. It's Hillary Clinton. That's who I'm ripping on.

I don't know why you're talking about Guiliani either. I'm not voting for him. At one point I thought he had a chance to be a solid candidate, but I wasn't sold on his social politics. Now I see that he's just Captain Nine-Eleven. You're right about him, but he's not for me anyway, and frankly he doesn't appear to have much of a chance of winning, so why waste my time on him? McCain's not my guy either. He's been too much like Clinton in my eyes. His opinions change as the polls are released. This week the economy is important? Then I am against a bad economy! Next week illegals are the hot topic? I am against illegals! That's my number one priority!

I much prefer my candidates have a solid unwavering grasp on what they believe. I don't want someone who doesn't believe in anything except the temporary beliefs that it takes to "be popular."