Monday, January 21, 2008

I saw Cloverfield yesterday. If you don't want spoilers then stop reading. Quickly.

It's part horror movie, part monster movie, and has the feel of a documentary.

Here's the brief summary: the monster destroys everything and everyone dies.

Here's the less brief summary: the monster destroys big stuff (Brooklyn Bridge, Woolworth Building, etc), while also dropping little monsters that cause people to explode in a most gruesome manner mere hours after being bitten by said little monsters.

It was good, but not really the kind of movie I'd like to see again. It did manage to pull off the feeling of urgency and fear that I imagine one would really be feeling when lots of crap was going down. There was some well timed comic relief thrown in. Also, there were brief respites in the frantic camera work that allowed your eyes to refocus. I'd recommend sitting in the back of the theater so as to combat the motion sickness you'd surely feel while watching this.

Did anyone survive at the end? Maybe. Probably not. I don't really know. Did the monster survive? Probably, though at the very end of the movie (after the credits) it appears that it definitely did.

I had no trouble following the movie and how it was shot "over" previous footage, but apparently there are a lot of idiots out there on the internet that couldn't grasp the whole concept.

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e said...

So do you think it is best to see the movie in a theater? A friend only told me that movie was "interesting", short (80 minutes) and kinda just ended abruptly.