Monday, January 28, 2008

Lindsay and I went to a class tonight called "The Marriage Course." It's all about showing how you can both evaluate your own and your spouses abilities in areas like communication. The intention is to show you what your needs are and what your spouses needs are. It's basically like pre-marital counseling, but after the fact.

We weren't very enthralled with our own pre-marital counseling... we felt like we didn't get anything out of it, because we had already talked about everything that was discussed before we even went. I suppose that's a good sign, but still, we wanted something a little more in depth. Maybe something that would challenge us.

After all, we're committed that we only get married once. Through thick and thin we've got to make it work. If we can build that strong foundation now, we'll be far better off down the road.


plang said...

Kim and I are doing the marriage encouter thing in a few weeks. It will be a whole weekend. I wasn't looking forward to it because I looked at the agenda and realized that we've covered just about everything. One or two things we could spend more time talking about it, but we've already figured out we aren't far apart on the topics. Then Kim told me we should spend the time trying to get more out of some of the things we feel comfortable about already. She's thinking if the course doesn't challenge us, we should challenge ourselves.

I hope you two get more out of this experience than your first. You're right - it should be for the long haul.

J Money said...

Isn't it a scary thought, though, to think about how those questions/topics are designed for the "typical" couple? Like, meaning most couples HAVEN'T covered those all? Frightening, and helps explain the high divorce rate.

For both your sakes, I hope one of the topics is "pleasuring." No matter how much of an expert one becomes, it's always a fun topic to try to improve on.