Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's becoming more and more obvious to people that the only way that the United States can get out of this poor fiscal situation is for the government and the people to follow one simple rule. That rule is: if you don't have the money then don't spend it.

Can't pay for social security? Then how the freak are you going to pay for "universal" health care? We have no money! The government is not responsible for our well-being. We don't need big brother to be our nanny.

Hey consumers, y can't afford to drive that new car? Then stop buying HD TVs with your credit cards!

It's so simple that it's ridiculous. The government has bankrupted this country and now we're reaping the problems of that. The dollar is in the tank, and as a result have driven energy prices through the roof. That rolls down and drives the prices of everything else up, hence inflation. The more debt we roll up, the less the dollar is worth.


Cut governmental spending in half. Right across the board. Spending is our biggest problem, not revenue. Raising taxes doesn't work. All that does is allow the government to spend more money. Outlaw attaching spending bill riders to other bills. Use the line item veto for goodness sake. Use that thing to crush pork barrel spending. While you're at it, install term limits. Get rid of lobbying groups. Put spending caps on how much a candidate can spend in order to get elected. Give people the ability to manage their own retirement, and if they screw it up, too bad! I don't want to pay into social security. I'm never going to see a dime from it, but I pay 6% of my salary into it. Give me that 6% and let me manage it myself.

We don't have much time to fix this problem, and guess what? Giving tax payers $800 each is not the answer. All that does is increase debt. The $800 we get today will cost us $20,000 by the time we pay it back with interest.

We need a constitutional amendment that requires a balanced budget every year. We HAVE to pay down the debt. We can't even worry about future generations, because this problem is effecting ALL generations. Right now.

Every day there is more and more talk of this problem.

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e said...

The problem is, this country is full of idiots. Have you seen the movie "Idiocracy". Yeah, that is where we are headed basically. If we followed your plan, we'd have a 100 million homeless sick people roaming the streets. But damn, we would be safe from Saddam!!! That's all the matters!

Tim said...

Obviously you didn't read the part about "Cut government spending in half. Right across the board."

That means everything, including military spending.

If you don't have the money then you can't buy things. No matter how much you want to give everyone entitlements, we don't have the money.