Monday, January 14, 2008

It's that time again boys and girls... time to bitch about a Clinton.

I'm tired of the media calling her Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her name is HILLARY CLINTON. It's not Hillary Rodham Clinton. That's a media generated name that was made so that Clinton could play up her feminist roots and play to her base. That's all it is. The media created that name during the Monica Lewinsky situation so that Hillary could appear to be a strong independent woman. That's it.

Little did the media realize that when she opens her mouth she appears to be exactly what she is... a panderer.

This just in! The media sucks!


J Money said...

I'm curious... do you talk politics in your house? Is your wife a Democrat? I think she might be... that must be fun for you.

Lindsay said...

It's a pretty common practice of mine to keep my mouth shut.

bmp1965 said...

An intellectual discussion about politics can be both fun and interesting. As long as both sides keep name calling to a minimum.
It's fun being called a Communist by Tim! My response was to call him a Fascist.
I don't recommend this tactic, however, when discussing politics.

J Money said...

One of my senior colleagues in my office just loves Hillary, referring to her as "one smart cookie..." I resisted the urge to add, "...not to mention, a divisive, conniving, two-faced, phony, dangerous, pandering, whore of a cookie."