Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stupid Ohio State! Not only did I already dislike you, but now, because of your shoddy performance, I have to listen to ESPN mouthpieces talk about how bad the Big Ten is. Give me a break.

Take the SEC out of their domes and permanent 70 degree weather and throw them in a few thunderstorms and blizzards and lets see how they do. Oh? Not able to pass as well? Interesting. What's that? You can't run a 4.2 40 in the slop otherwise known as Northwestern's field? Never would've guessed.

Anyway, our poor, slow, and terribly sucky conference must now wait for another year for a chance to beat itself up while the 1-2 good teams in the Big 12 are put up there with the elite and the SEC is heralded as God's own conference, full of his mighty warriors.

Bleh. That's right. I said Bleh.

Take that Jean-Francois!

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J Money said...

I'd like to make like Gary Miller all over the SEC.