Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Israel has been hit in recent years by thousands and thousands of rockets, mortar shells, and missiles. And that could be just a preview of the onslaught Iran may one day unleash. So Israeli military leaders have begun early planning for a new, robotic defense system, armed with enough artificial intelligence that it "could take over completely" from flesh-and-blood operators. "It will be designed for... autonomous operations,' Brig. Gen. Daniel Milo, commander of Israel's air defense forces, tells Defense News' Barbara Opall-Rome.

How can anyone possibly think that this is a good idea? Didn't I just read about South African massacre after a robotic machine gun screwed up and killed everyone? What happens when this automated missile defense system screws up and thinks those passenger planes are missiles?

Come on people! This is not good... watch War Games or Terminator or something. You're building stuff that will one day turn around and blast you because you can't turn it off.

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Ed said...

If Microsoft made the software for it, I bet it would be called "Microsoft Active Missiles Professional"