Monday, February 25, 2008

We went snow tubing at Alpine Valley on Saturday. Everything was going along just fine until the very last trip down the hill. Lindsay had called it quits one trip earlier. The couple that we went with had ridden down together on the fastest hill, and I would follow. I gave, what I thought to be, ample space before I headed down. I would quickly be proven wrong.

It was like the old Batman TV series...


There was an intense explosion of tubes and body parts. I believe this trip was my fastest of the day, and the couple in front of my had somehow stopped short. Well after yelling out a warning, I crashed into them at high velocity and went flying through the air. I'll tell you this... snow isn't as soft as you'd think it should be.

I had gotten kneed in the chest and landed on my side, but otherwise was okay. Everyone was able to walk away from the crash, and I was happy that we had already called it a day.

Maybe I'll post a picture of the carnage.

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Lindsay said...

I'll upload the pictures tonight:) It was a great adventure!