Thursday, February 14, 2008

I just found out that Clinton and Obama are having a debate in Cleveland on the 26th of February. Lindsay told me that the debate is being sponsored by MSNBC and because of the "pimping out Chelsea" comment, Hillary was not going to participate.

Well, how quickly that changed after she got her head handed to her in the latest primaries.

What's also interesting is that this has stopped Hillary from actually pimping Chelsea out. At Cleveland State today, Chelsea Clinton will appear on campus at a live question and answer session. What could she possibly have to talk about other than he conniving parents?

"Um, Chelsea. Hi. It's Tim. I'm a big fan. What's it like to have red hair?"

"Hi Tim. It's great. I like it a lot. It reminds me of that time when my mom completely failed at installing a national health care system that would be a complete bomb and would in-debt the entire nation forever."

Is that how it's going to go? Give me a break.

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Plang said...

They all "pimp out" their family members. Obama's wife came to Utah, but he didn't. Same thing. They made a big stink because of the phrase, but we all knew she wouldn't boycott a debate. In fact, Clinton wanted to have more debates in order to get the free air time. Obama did the smart thing and told her to pay for commercials on her own dime.