Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So we watched the Democrats debate tonight. I think Obama was the clear winner, and Hillary (if anyone was paying attention) continued her waffling ways. No, not eating waffles and chicken nuggets at Meridith. Tim Russert would read a quote from her on NAFTA and how she said it had helped New York and was good for the country. Well, apparently that's not politically convenient for her anymore, so in the VERY NEXT SENTENCE she said that NAFTA is not good for New York. Well which is it? Is it good when it's "a great step forward for the country" or is it bad when "it allows companies to export our middle class to Mexico." I guess it depends on what time it is. When Bill Clinton is singing it's praises, it must be good. When George Bush says that it's working, it must be bad.

I wish people would wake up and ask themselves one simple question. Do they really want to vote for a liar? If the answer is yes, then by all means, vote for Hillary Clinton. If the answer is no though, then I don't see how in good conscience you could even consider voting for her.

That said, her (current) politics and Obama's politics are quite similar. They both are for universal health care, which will completely destroy any chance this country has of getting out of debt. Where does the money come from? Oh, it must be mommy and daddy government. They just *poof* it out of thin air. Uh, I don't think so. It comes from my pocket and your pocket. But, you already have health insurance you say. Sorry about your luck, because now you're paying more because you need to cover the people that don't. You think we have high taxes now? Wait and see if universal health care goes through.

One of the best parts of the debate was when Hillary asked "should we make social security optional?" She, of course, was using that as a bad thing. I, however, nearly jumped out of my seat and was screaming "yes, yes yes!" I would love to have my money back and be able to invest it myself. Instead, 6.5% of my income is flushed down a toilet called social security. I'm never going to see any of that money. The system will be completely bankrupt well before I touch a dime of it. Then I hear the argument "people can't trust the stock market. They'll lose all their money." Too bad! It is not the governments job to take care of people. If people lose their money then they have to find a way to deal with it. Give me my money and let me invest it. If I screw it up, I have only myself to blame. If I get rich though, don't tax me at 60% of my income because I must've been born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

By and large, rich people are rich because they worked hard for it. How are they rewarded? They're punished with ridiculous taxes. Do you really want to see a return to 1970's style taxes? I know I don't. I already give far too much money to the government and see far too little in return.


e said...

Haven't the last three presidents been big liars?? I think it is part of the job. No matter who gets elected, this country is screwed. Bush has f-ed this place up so damn bad, I have no optimism. I saw it all coming 4 year ago, too. Wish the rest of these dumbass red states had seen it.

e said...

By the way, this is what Clinton said about NAFTA in 2004:

I think that we have to enforce the trade rules that are inherent in both NAFTA and GATT. This administration has been very slow in filing any kind of trade claims in regard to any of our trading deals....I think on balance NAFTA has been good for New York and America, but I also think that there are a number of areas where we're not dealt with in an upfront way in dealing with our friend to the north, Canada, which seems to be able to come up with a number of rationales for keeping New York agricultural products out of Canada.

So it's not black and white like you have made it sound. New York still had issues with NAFTA.

Lindsay said...

Watching the debate with Tim was interesting. We, of course, tivoed it. Tim had paused the tv so much in the first half of the debate, that he had spoken more than the two candidates combined. PLUS - I needed to hear the candidates, because I am the one voting for one of them on Tuesday.

With that said, my decision in the democratic primary is sealed. If I were to vote for Hilary, and Tim were to find out... I have a feeling he wouldn't talk to me for a week and I'd be sleeping on the couch.

J Money said...

True, but I doubt he is pleased with you voting for ANY Democrat. Yikes!

Tim said...

It's only the primary...