Friday, February 8, 2008

I just read an interesting article, in the NY Post of all places.

It's titled Once John wins, he'll make a left.

It details his prediction that once McCain secures the nomination by pretending to be a conservative, he will actually return to his roots and try to woo the left by being like the left. Bigger government. More federal control. Higher taxes. On and on.

Remember the movie War Games? Would you like to play a game? Let's play global thermo nuclear war. All that jazz. Well the WOPR had a key insight at the end of the movie... The only winning move is not to play.

That's how I'm starting to feel about this election. The only way to truly vote for America is by not voting for any major nominee.

We need a "None of the above" category. If the "None of the above" category wins more votes than any of the other nominees, then there's a re-do of the whole process until we can get someone that America actually likes, instead of someone that we as voters simply dislike less.

Yes, yes. We all bitch and moan about bad candidates, but I guess the nation as a whole is a willing accomplice to the media machine picking our candidates for us. If there's anyone that's too far from what the media is used to, then they just get left out in the cold. They aren't covered in the debates, on the TV news, in the newspaper, etc. They essentially fail to exist in the campaign. I don't really have any answers to this problem, but it is definitely a problem. Media and money buy the Presidency every 4 years and the America people fall prey to the ploy time and time again.


J Money said...

Why are you so against John McCain? At the very least, the guy speaks his mind and kind of doesn't care who he pisses off. I sort of admire that.

He's not my top choice, either, but I wouldn't have to think for even a second if he's running against duplicitous Hillary or inexperienced Obama.

Hopefully, he'll take on Mike Huckabee and then not run again in four years when he's 76... then, President Huckabee!

Hey, I know you liked Ron Paul, but crazy people rarely make good Presidents.

Tim said...

I don't like McCain because he DOESN'T speak his mind. Well, either that, or he does speak his mind, but changes his mind more than he changes his underwear.

He's like Clinton in that way. He stands up for what he things is the popular thing to stand up for.

e said...

Totally agree with you here, Tim. I don't like anyone that is running. What am I supposed to do here?? I don't like the idea of voting for someone just because you disagree with them LESS then someone else. What the heck it that?

I took one of those survey that is supposed to tell you which candidate is more close your views. Guess what? I basically fell in the middle. Yippee!! Our political system is so polarized, it is scary.