Monday, April 16, 2007

We had a tasting with the caterer on Saturday. We're awaiting pricing still, but we're likely going to go with the Apple Jack Chicken (pan fried chicken breast with granny smith apples in an apple butter sauce) and the Salmon Verblank (salmon with a champagne butter sauce.) I guess we like butter sauces.

We also tried lemon herb chicken and pork loin with an apple brandy sauce. All of them were delicious, but it looks like we'll only be able to pick two.

For the sides we're going with asparagus and red roasted potatoes. We're also having two salads - one a seasonal salad with fancy lettuce types and berries and a classic ceasar.


boilerdowd said...

I love Apple Jacks.

plang said...

I’m allergic to fish, chicken doesn’t taste like chicken to me – it tastes like ass, asparagus gives me a bad case of gas, and I’m lactose intolerant. I’m okay with the potatoes.
Looks like I’ll be swellin’ up, pukin’ up, and stinkin’ up your party. Or I could just drink and get hammered. That way I will only be pukin’ up the place. You are having an open bar, right?

E said... butter.

What, no Taco Bell appetizers??