Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tonight, had the Indians actually had their home opener at... you know... their home, they would've given away Rick Vaughn glasses from Major League.

Ironic then, that they were actually playing in Milwaukee as the home team. The very same city where they filmed Major League.

I think, as an homage to nickel beer night, the Cleveland Indians should have $10 sit anywhere night. That seemed to work well for the Milwaukee Indians. Why not sell cheap tickets in order to fill up the stadium every night? Instead of 35,000 fans, why not have 42,000? Isn't some revenue better than no revenue? You'll make tons of money on the extra concessions too. Make it so that any empty seat can be filled with a $10 ticket after the third inning or something. That way people aren't just waiting to get into the game for $10, but instead are still buying regular tickets so that they can see the whole thing.

Just a thought.

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