Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus vs. the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks Chart(language warning)

It's a sad, sad state we are in these days - have you seen the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart this week?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm no supporter of Don Imus, but just read the article and come to your own conclusion...

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J Money said...

Hey, we're all allowed to laugh at Dave Chappelle making fun of white people, ad nauseum, (and don't get me wrong -- it IS funny) but it doesn't -- and hasn't ever -- worked both ways. Not saying that's right or wrong but I tend to think there are times when it's clearly disgusting (Michael Richards) and times when I think it's just part of the schtick (Imus or SNL or things like that).

Most of the people upset with Imus don't realize he brutally rips on everybody, regardless of race or background or profession. People are just hearing one comment and assuming it is isolated. It's just funny to me that we're mad at him now after 30 years of saying harsh things and having his guests laugh it off b/c they know he doesn't mean harm with it. But of course, that's no excuse... if it genuinely hurt people then it's very wrong. I just think this is snowballing beyond what it really is.

On a separate but slightly related note, I hope Al Sharpton will be meeting with the recently exonerated Duke lacrosse players to apologize to them for the things he said about them when they were first accused... you know, things that helped lead to them racking up $3 million in legal fees to clear their names.