Friday, April 6, 2007

Here's the upcoming schedule of events. It's quite busy.

This weekend (4/6/07), Lindsay and I will be in Maryland. My mom, step-dad, and brother are going up to Lindsay's parents house for Easter.

Next weekend (4/13/07), Lindsay and I will again be in Maryland. This time we're doing a taste test with the caterer and attending a wedding.

4/20/07 - We'll potentially be going down to Columbus to visit my aunt and uncle.

4/27/07 - Lindsay will be recovering from a minor (is there such a thing?) surgery

5/4/07 - I will be in Atlantic City for Justin's bachelor party. Lindsay will be in Maryland for a bridal shower.

5/11/07 - Lindsay is in a wedding and I will be attending said wedding. Thankfully, it's in Cleveland.

5/18/07 - Lindsay and I will be again in Maryland. Another bridal shower. I'll be hanging out with her dad.

5/25/07 - Dylan graduates this weekend, and it's our birthday, so Lindsay and I will be in South Carolina for the weekend.

6/1/07 - Lindsay is having her bachelorette party this weekend. I may have my bachelor party this weekend, but someone needs to step up and start planning it.

6/8/07 - Lindsay is done with school. That means it's fun with packing time!

6/15/07 - More fun with packing time! Fun with moving time begins too! And hopefully ends...

6/22/07 - I'm in Justin's wedding this week in New York and the day after we're attending a wedding in Delaware.

6/29/07 - Lindsay goes to Maryland for last minute wedding stuff. The countdown begins. The new renters move in to Lindsay's house.

7/3/07 - I head off to Maryland for the pre-wedding festivities.

7/8/08 - We head off to Jamaica and finally get to relax for a weekend without having to do something or go anywhere. Yay!


J Money said...

Uhhhh... I think you overlooked something.

Tim said...

I did. It has been corrected.

J Money said...

I know it's not a fancy, easy-to-remember date like some people have. For this reason, it will be engraved in my wedding ring. Hmmm, maybe I should have it done on the OUTSIDE of the ring. That would be unique.

boilerdowd said...

Any Waffle-ballers going to the wedding sans date? If so, maybe we could split a hotel room?

plang said...

Good God, Man! That schedule sucks. Hope you weren't planning on working on your house during that period.