Saturday, March 27, 2004

Today I had to do help scout a bunch of little leaguers. One of the idiotic things they expect us to do is scout kids individually as they run in a pack... 25 at a time. How am I going to get a feel for each kid? Do I have the same number of eyeballs as a fly? How does that work exactly? After that it got better though. I was assigned to ground balls and arm strength. Some kids played olé defense and then walked casually towards the ball. I guess they were trying to impress their non-existant female onlookers. Some kids were actually really good.

In the end the kids got rated on Ground Balls, Fly Balls, Overall Defense, Arm Strength, Batting, and Running on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best). The highest rating went to one kid who had a perfect 30/30 overall. The lowest rating was an equally astounding 6/30. The draft is on Sunday, so I don't know who's playing for Coca Cola yet. That would be the team that I coach, if I want to do that. I'm undecided about it though. I can be a little cynical at times, and perhaps a perfectionist in some regards. Do 10 year olds really need that? Maybe not.

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