Monday, February 9, 2009

We watched the Cavs game yesterday. I'm going to try to see the positives of a terribly played game though.

1. They played terrible team defense. They didn't rotate on the pick and roll. They didn't pressure the ball. It was horrible.

2. Where was the rebounding? When I saw that they had the same number of rebounds as the Lakers I couldn't believe it. It seemed as though Lamar Odom was getting every errand shot and the Cavs were standing around dumbfounded.

3. They did not drive to the hoop. They settled for jump shots all day. If you were 6'8" 250 lbs wouldn't you feel like you could attack the basket? Wouldn't you like to try? Maybe you get tired of doing that and like to think of yourself as a three-point specialist.

4. Their exceedingly poor performances in third quarters bit them in the butt in this game. More than half of the time they give up big runs in the 3rd and have no answer. I can't explain it but I certainly get tired of watching it.

Still, after all that, they only lost by ten. If they manage to turn a few of those things around, they win the game. What's the biggest key? Not taking tranquilizers at half time. Seriously. What the crap are they doing in there? Are they getting massages and falling asleep? Valium is for AFTER the game, not during. Remember that.

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