Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Valentine's Day Lindsay and I went to Lola. The chef \ owner is Michael Symon, one of the Iron Chef's on Food Network. We saw him at the Fabulous Food Show earlier this year and we've wanted to try Lola out for a while.

We sampled a little bit of everything. I really wanted to try the beef cheek pierogie and they didn't disappoint. We also got the charcuterie, which is basically a plate full of different cured and smoked meats. I tried foie gras (duck liver) for the first time. It was inside of a Jagerwurst and was really creamy and super rich. We also got the Lola fries. They're seasoned with rosemary and sea salt and fried in pork fat. They were really good. By the way, in case you haven't noticed, Michael Symon is a big fan of meat and fat.

For the entree I got the braised lamb shank. They supplied a knife, but I didn't need it. It literally fell right off the bone. It was amazingly tender. I gave Lindsay a bite of it and she said "That's the best bite of food I've ever had." And she's not really a red meat eater. She got the wild striped bass. It was ok, but I'm not a big fan of fish.

We (and when I saw we, I mean me) went a little crazy on the desserts. We got 3 of them. The 6 AM Special, which was french toast with maple-bacon (sounds crazy but is crazy good) and maple syrup. It was really really good. We also got the sweet potato smores sundae. That was pretty good too. Lastly we got the peanut pie. It was my least favorite, but was still good. It had super strong lime frozen yogurt on it.

I think if we go back, next time we're going to go for the chefs table in the kitchen. The kitchen is exposed to the restaurant, so you can see everything going on, but it'd be a unique experience to sit there and I think we'd like to try it out.


J Money said...

How are you able to make whoopee after eating three desserts?

Tim said...

It's a fancy restaurant, so the desserts are really small.

And also, sometimes you just have to power through it.

That's what she said.