Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today was full of sound and fury but ultimately signified nothing for the Cavs. Rumors abounded that they were close to getting Richard Jefferson for Wally "Face" Sczerbiak and the big Shaqtus for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic. I think in a "normal" year I would've been happy with those trades, but the chemistry on the team this year is so good and they're already playing pretty well, so I'm somewhat happy that they didn't go through.

It's interesting to think about what the team could've looked like though. Would they ever have played Z and Shaq at the same time? I think it's possible because Z doesn't have to camp under the basket like Shaq does. Z is shooting over 45% on threes this year, so he can easily extend the defense. Would LeBron be able to finish around the basket with Shaq tying up the middle though? Would there have been enough balls on the court at one time to keep LeBron, Shaq, Z, Mo Williams, and Richard Jefferson happy? Maybe, maybe not. I think winning goes a long way towards making people happy though.

As it is back in reality though, they're getting Delonte West back soon so he'll help with the defense. Hopefully the team can stay healthy for the rest of the year and has gotten their injuries out of the way now.


E said...

Larry Hughes was available and you didn't get him?! Unbelievable!

J Money said...

The Knicks got him. The answer to all their troubles.

Jeremy said...

According to wikipedia he has been called "The Big Aristotle", "Hobo Master", "Shaq," "The Diesel," "Shaq Fu," "The Big Aristotle," "The Big Daddy," "Superman," "The Big Agave," "The Big Cactus," "The Big Shaqtus," "The Big Galactus," "Wilt Chamberneezy," "The Big Baryshnikov," "The Real Deal," "Dr. Shaq" (after earning his MBA), and, most recently, "Shaqovic."

It seems that he would have had to come up with a new nickname to reflect his new surroundings. I for one would have loved to see what he would have come up with.