Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I watched a lot of the Purdue - OSU game tonight. Here are a few takes from it.

Keaton Grant likes to take 45 footers and has the range to hit them.
Calasan looks useless in far too many games.
The team defense leaves something to be desired.
J.J. is quickly becoming a very potent offensive player.
Hummel doesn't seem like that's that huge impact player that they're missing, but apparently he is. He extends the defense when he's on offense and is a good rebounder on defense.

Purdue should've won the game, but clearly (at least in my opinion) did not deserve to win the game. When you have the ball in the last possession of a tie game you need a much better look than a wild shot while you're falling down (whether you got fouled or not.)


boilerdowd said...

Have you officially given up on contributing over at BS?

Tim said...

I just posted something a day or two ago...

boilerdowd said...

Indeed...So what are your parameters for posting something at BS?