Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're projected to get 11 more inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow afternoon. That will go nice with the remainder of the 18 inches that never melted. Should be a nice and easy commute tomorrow, and most likely Lindsay will have a day off of school.

Bleh. Yeah, yeah, I don't want to hear it. I could've been a teacher too... I don't have the patience to deal with 20 little germ bags running around all day.


J Money said...

I look forward to your post detailing the harrowing drive to work, wherein you once again are flummoxed by your rear-wheel-drive studmobile.

Tim said...

With winter tires on I have no problem. With summer tires on my car is as useful as riding a fallen tree towed by the Titanic.

E said...

Congrats! The only city people least want to live in is Detroit!

Most Popular:

• Denver (43 percent)

• San Diego (40 percent)

• Seattle (38 percent)

• Orlando (34 percent)

• San Francisco (34 percent)

• Tampa (34 percent)

Least Popular

• Detroit (8 percent)

• Cleveland (10 percent)

• Cincinnati (13 percent)

• Kansas City (15 percent)

• Minneapolis (16 percent)

• Pittsburgh (17 percent)