Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scary times at work right now. We're supposed to have layoffs tomorrow. We make airplane engine parts, and as the economy has tanked, so has air travel. Less travel means less changing of engine parts. Less changing of engine parts means less demand for our products. Less demand for our products mean less people required.

Rumors are rampant, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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Plang said...

Don't worry - I'll do my part and fly to Japan for a 1 day meeting and then fly back, helping keep Delta/Northwest have butts in the seats.

No, seriously, I'm doing that in February. Three days of travel for one day of meetings. Sucks because I won't have time to see much.

Hopefully if there are layoffs at your place, your group won't get hit too hard. Rumors are funny things - we have rumors all the time that they are going to lay people off or close this site. Nothing has happened since 2004.