Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So the nation elected Obama as President last night. How did he do it? By following the tried and true Democratic election script. Promise everything, commit to nothing.

No one, including his supporters, really know what Obama thinks or stands for. He's avoided most of the tough issues and has done his best to not take any firm stances on anything.

The other night there was a show about Obama and McCain on Frontline. They where interviewing one of Obama's strategists. Essentially the guy said that their strategy during the campaign was to not take a stance on anything. That way he would never have to defend it later. Their campaign bet right that experience and really knowing where someone stood on an issue apparently doesn't matter to Americans as long as you talk about change and issue vague promises of giving stuff to people.

What it really amounts to is that people don't care about anything except "change." We want "change." Well, is that change for the good? We don't care. We just want "change."

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