Thursday, May 1, 2008

Second straight inning for the Indians with the bases loaded and one out.

Let's see what happens here. Two strike outs in the bottom of the ninth was last inning. Now, Franklin Gutierrez is up.

I predict a weak blooper or a double play. A little pessimistic I suppose.

We'll see as I report "live."

Strike 1.

Swing and a miss, strike 2.

Weak sissy swing. Of course.

Sit down.

Here comes Asdrubal Cabrera.

Yippee! Their first hit of the home stand with runners in scoring position.

Indians win it. Hallelujah.

Now as you know we were in Tampa last weekend, but I never posted any pictures. I've got a few choice ones... I'll post more from the carnival later.

Here's a panorama from our seats. If you click on it, it's much bigger. That's what she said.

Here's me and Ted Williams (yes, they have the Ted Williams museum in Tampa, where they happen to love their Red Sox.) You may have noticed that Ted just got done fishing...

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J Money said...

Looks like plenty of good seats still available... and closer to the action. Also, who is this Ass-dribble Cabrera I keep hearing about?