Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Cavs blew it last night, but the Indians pitchers are playing out of their mind. Today the Indians pitcher gave up an unearned run. It was the first run of any kind that a starter had given up in over 5 games.

Now the offense just needs to get on track and it appears that the team could live up to their potential. Travis Hafner is struggling mightily. Sizemore has been solid. Jhonny Peralta needs to hit better. David Delucci has been a pleasant surprise and may have locked up a starting spot in left field. Victor Martinez has hitting well, but where has his power gone?

Of course, the pitchers aren't going to go throughout the remainder of the season with an ERA of 1.0. It just seems like they've turned a corner. Hopefully the Tigers continue to struggle and the Indians can run away with the division. It usually doesn't work out that way for the Tribe, but we'll see...

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