Monday, May 5, 2008

The Indians have an off day today. At this point in the season they were supposed to be rolling along. This reminds me of 2005 all over again. They're digging themselves a hole and then they'll make a mad dash to get out of it, only to falter at the end. Whenever they have high expectations they seem to collapse under the weight of them.

But, you might say, they're only a couple of games out of first. That's true, but they're playing like poop. Inconsistent poop at that.

The only reason they're within striking distance still is because of how poorly the Tigers have played. I don't expect that to continue all year. The only way the Indians will make the playoffs this year is to win their division. Fortunately for them, no AL Central team seems to want to start to run away with it. It's only a matter of time before that happens though.


Plang said...

I hate inconsistent poop.

The Tigers pitching is not too good this year. I don't seem them making much noise. The Tribe will most likely figure out how to shake off this start and get rolling within the next month.

J Money said...

Wow, three straight sports posts. If only you wrote for a sports site, too.

Oh, wait, that's right...