Thursday, March 20, 2008

So I had my neurologist appointment yesterday. Basically he said that everything is okay, except that I'm getting migraines. To be precise, it went something like this:

Me: [sits down]
Dr: You have migraines.
Me: What?
Dr: You have migraines.
Me: But...
Dr: Yes, that's right. Migraines.
Me: How...
Dr: Exactly. Just what I thought. Migraines.
Me: When...
Dr: I see your lips moving but all I have to say about that is migraines.

Essentially the doctor had made up his mind while reviewing my other stuff and came to the conclusion that I am having migraines. I told him they weren't that severe, but he said there's different types of migraines and not all are knock you on your butt types. He then put me through some motor skills tests and listened to my symptoms and said "Hmmm. Interesting. Just as I thought. Migraines."

He said that he could give me medicine that I'd take each night so that I can return to exercising, or he said I could just "see what happens."

I told him that I had been trying to isolate what I was doing when the headaches started, and one thing that stuck out was this pro-biotic yogurt that I had started eating. I asked the doctor about that and sure enough... apparently yogurt gives some people headaches. Who knew? Certainly not me, that's who.

Since I had previously decided to run a clinical trial on myself, I had stopped eating yogurt about 10 days before. On day 1 of no-yogurt, I had my worst and longest lasting headache (about 5 hours.) Since that day, the headaches have effectively gone away.

Well, gone away until I decided to chase the dog on Saturday and ended up slipping on some ice, going completely horizontal in the air, and then slamming back down on my deck. Lindsay heard it from upstairs and said that it sounded like the clap of thunder that accompanied the lightning that brought down the tree that would later become the Wonder Boy bat in The Natural. Okay, so maybe she didn't say that, but I'm sure that's what she was thinking. What she actually said was that she heard a loud thud and wondered if I was okay. Especially after I stumbled upstairs in what appeared to be a drunken stupor.

So I told the doctor about that even too, and his response was... "Yeah. It's winter. We get a lot of that."

Great. Thanks doc.

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