Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton: I'd be such a good world leader! Remember that time I went to Bosnia? I was in the middle of brokering a peace deal, and terrorists didn't like that, so they were shooting at me, but I stood my ground.

Sinbad: Um. I was there and I don't remember any peace meetings.

Hillary: No? Come on! Don't you remember? We were talking with those guys... about that stuff. Remember?

Sinbad: Nope. Don't remember that.

Hillary: Too bad I guess. It was really cool. I brokered one heck of a deal, all the while dodging bullets left and right.

Media: Hillary? Really? Bullets? You never left your hotel. No one came to your hotel either. In fact, you had nothing to do with the peace deal. Not only that, but there was no sniper fire.

Hillary: Wow. You guys have really bad memories.

Media: No we don't. Here, let me show you the film.

Hillary: Oh, that's right. Now I remember. It was all a lie to make me look good. Oops. Sorry about that. And by sorry about that, I mean I'm sorry that you found out I was lying again.

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