Monday, March 31, 2008

It all started with such promise. Then, in the blink of an eye, the entire season flashed before my eyes. Victor Martinez was pulled from the game and Kelly Shoppach was catching. What? *search search search* *search search search* Then I found it. The potentially worst fears realized.

"Victor Martinez left the game in the bottom of the second inning with a leg injury."

The same Victor Martinez that I just traded for in fantasy baseball.

The same Victor Martinez that is crucial to the success of the team.

Please, someone, anyone, tell me that he's okay!


J Money said...

Crucial to the success of what team? Fantasy or Reality?

Tim said...

Both! That makes it doubly bad.

Plang said...

He probably pulled a groin muscle – too many hookers the night before

e said...

Victor Martinez was sent for an MRI after injuring his hamstring during Monday's game.
Manager Eric Wedge wasn't so ready to call Martinez day-to-day. "I’m not sure on Vic," he said. "He’s got something going on with his hamstring. I took a look at him when he came off the field, then I had to get on with the game. We’re hoping for the best."