Monday, March 5, 2007

There's nothing better than taking a test with multiple choice answers that are not based on fact, but rather are based on opinion. Hooray for marketing bull crap.

Answer the following questions for me.

Technological advancement has had a positive impact in all of the areas except:

A. Increasing productivity
B. Increasing human life spans
C. Enabling more output of goods and services with fewer workers
D. Sustaining human life on Earth

Which freaking answer is correct? In my opinion, and I wrote this on the worthless exam, ALL of the answers have been positively impacted by technology. Not to mention, that choices A and C are exactly the same and choices B and D are exactly the same.

Here's another wonderful question.

The media has definitively done all of the following except:

A. Reported ethical missteps in the media on a regular basis
B. Reported political ethical violations more than business ethical violations
C. Increasingly been focused on ethics in business
D. Reported business ethical violations more than political ethical violations

Notice how it says DEFINITIVELY? Doesn't that mean that one of the choices should definitely be correct while the others are not? What the hell are you supposed to answer? How are any of those based on FACT and not strictly a value judgment? Different people could choose each of those separate answers and still be correct.

This class is incredibly worthless and does nothing but piss me off.

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