Thursday, March 15, 2007

Remember how it was 70 degrees this week and I was predicting snow on Saturday?

Well, it was 70 degrees yesterday AND SNOWED YESTERDAY!

I went over to Lindsay's before dance class and opened all of the windows since it was so nice outside. We closed the windows before dance class because there was thunder and lightning and rain outside at that time (1 hour after it was so nice). More rain after dance class and much colder. Then... snow.

Snow! 70 at lunch time. Snow at night.


On a good news note yesterday, I have been promoted to Change Control Analyst. I start my new position on Monday. It won't be that much different than what I'm already doing. I'll get more money, potentially more vacation time (the HR manager is figuring out if I can get another week of vacation), and more responsibility. I'll be directing software development and will have programmers reporting to me.

I'm upwardly mobile. Watch out!

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