Monday, February 12, 2007

I could not believe what my professor said tonight.

There is a student in the class who is from Iraq. His family moved over here in 1998.

Anyway, they were talking about the bad snow storm that's supposed to hit and the student said he still isn't used to snow. The professor asked if he had just moved to Cleveland and obviously the student said no, but that he was more used to sand than snow. The professor then asked where he was from and the student said Iraq. The prof was quite surprised at this and then asked, and I quote "You're not one of those bombers are you?" I couldn't believe what I heard. The student replied no and I believe was quite insulted, as anyone would be. Another guy in class started to laugh at this -- most likely the absurdity of it. The Iraqi asked him to stop laughing (though not seriously, because I think they were friends.) The professor then said, and I quote again, "You had better stop laughing before he sets off one of those roadside bombs."

I'm seriously considering telling the dean about it. I'm not normally one to be offended by anything, but that's truly ridiculous.

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