Thursday, April 14, 2005

I wonder what the conversation was like between soccer fans when they decided it would be a good idea to bring flares in to a match and throw them at players...

Maybe it went something like this.

Idtiot 1: Hey.

Idiot 2: I agree. That's perfectly sensible.

Idiot 1: What?

Idiot 2: Exactly. We won't light them UNTIL we're inside.

Idiot 1: What?

Idiot 2: It's settled then. I'll bring 20 and you bring 20.

Twenty minutes later...

Idiot 2 starts throwing flares.

Idiot 3: Hey look at that guy. He's throwing flares! It's a good thing that I brought my flares too. I want to throw them at the goalie!

Idiot cop: Oh those blokes. Look at the shenanigans they're pulling again. Crazy kids. They're all out of flares again. Here ya go chaps. Take some of mine.

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