Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Here's are the 5 steps that I plan to do when the Cavs announce me as their general manager:

1. Announce to the entire world that I hate Phil Jackson and that Phil Jackson can bite me if he thinks he's ever going to coach this team.

2. Trade LeBron James. Think of it... his stock is never going to be higher. I bet we could get a good solid second round pick for him.

3. Play all the remaining games with only 4 players on the court. It worked in Hoosiers.

4. Post a note to all the good shooters in the league that we don't want any of what they're selling. We're set in that department. Who needs to shoot better than 9.6% as a team anyway?

5. Make sure we don't re-sign Z this summer, because Jim Paxson drafted DeSagana Diop as the future of the franchise. Last year he had career highs! He's on the way up. 2.3 points per game last year, maybe he'll get a solid 2.4 next year.

There you have it. The franchise is saved!

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