Sunday, May 16, 2004

On the same day that Israelis held the largest peace demonstration in over 10 years in Israel, Palenstinians were marking the anniversary of "the catastrophe." What's that you ask? The Palestinians call the creation of Israel after WWII "the catastrophe."

If that doesn't speak volumes about what's happening over there, I have no idea what will. I just don't understand why everyone is putting so much pressure on Israel to give up land to the Palestinians (people who don't even acknowledge Israel's right to exist.) Appeasement NEVER works. If you give suicide bombers what they want - a Palestinian state - then they will get the message that blowing up Israelis eventually will get us what we want.

There's no easy solution over there, except for the Palestinians to realize that for every action there is a reaction. They seem to believe that Israeli helicopters and tanks are storming their neighborhoods for no reason, like that bomber they sent to an Israeli market had nothing to do with it.

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