Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kitchen remodel is in full swing. More than half of the upper cabinets are down. All of the under cabinet lighting is removed. The rest of the upper cabinets and the above range microwave will come down tomorrow most likely. We should start the demo of the wall that we want to take down tomorrow too.

The hard part now is finding places to put all of the stuff that was in the cabinets while making sure that the dog isn't going to get into it.

We're figuring on a 4 week time frame. This weekend we're going to be framing out the pantry area and maybe running electric to where the new bar is going to be. The plumbing for the dishwasher should get done as well, but only if we get all of the counter tops out and at least half of the lower cabinets. The wallpaper will probably come down this weekend too.

As long as we can get the upper cabinets and microwave down tonight and the demo of the wall done before the weekend then we'll be in good shape.


Plang said...

I give both of you props if you are doing the whole thing yourselves. We just redid a bathroom (didn't touch the tile) and that was a pain.

The house we just bought has a new kitchen - probably the nicest room in the house. You'll love yours when it is all done.

Tim said...

It's not just us. We'll have help from one of my friends who is a pretty handy guy and owns lots of tools that I don't have.

Plang said...

Props to you two anyway. Way to mooch off your friends!