Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I hooked up the Blu-Ray player tonight. Things are working fine, but unfortunately I don't have a Blu-Ray disc to actually try out. I imagine that I'll have to wait until after Christmas to try that out.

We also brought in the new TV stand and we'll get that situated tomorrow. Unfortunately, that means I'll need to re-wire everything (again) but that shouldn't take too long.

The home theater now consists of

Samsung HL61A750 61" LED DLP HD TV
Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray player
Denon AVR-981 AV Receiver
2 Mirage AVS-200 Left\Right channels
1 Mirage AVS-100 Center Channel
2 Mirage AVS-200 Left\Right surrounds
1 Mirage FRx-S8 Subwoofer

In an ideal world I'd like to get a new AV receiver, but realistically mine is fine and plenty loud. The only real problem is with the room itself, as there are too many openings and architectural details that absorb the sound.

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J Money said...

I think you should convert the pony barn into a home theater room.