Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time Warner is coming out tomorrow. There are several issues that will hopefully be resolved. The first is that one of the CableCard tuners doesn't work. That's the easy one. The second and more annoying problem is that when you leave the TV off for a while (> 10 minutes) then it "forgets" how to decode the HD signals. I have to go back through the CableCard setup and have it test for the channels and then it works fine.

I'm pretty certain that the non-working CableCard they gave me actually is not defective. I think they just didn't activate it correctly. They're supposed to be bringing out a multi-stream version tonight, so that will replace the existing two and hopefully all the problems go away.

My in-laws have a HD TiVo and a multi-stream CableCard decoder and don't exhibit the problem of it "forgetting" how to decode HD, so hopefully we'll be fixed tomorrow.

I also hooked up the surround sound again, but because we don't have a proper TV stand yet, it just looks like crap. Actually, it looks like a dorm room. Components are on the floor. Cables are everywhere. It's just a mess. Once it gets properly situated then I'll take a picture of it.

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