Monday, August 4, 2008

On Friday night \ Saturday morning we had the mother of all thunder storms. Without exaggeration, there were periods of 100 flashes of lightning per minute. The rain was coming down like it was being poured from buckets. It was really an awesome (and terrifying) display. It lasted for 45 minutes and then literally as fast as it appeared, it was gone.

I saw The Dark Knight yesterday. I thought it was good. I liked it much more than Batman Begins. Despite the hype, I didn't think it was darker than the first one. I actually thought it wasn't as dark. Scarecrow and all that psychoticism gave way to the Jokers "plain jane" chaos and mayhem.

There were two women sitting about 6 rows behind us that were apparently intoxicated, deaf, and recently escaped from a home. They were talking quite loudly (aka yelling). They were telling the projectionist (as if he could her them) that the movie was too loud. Then at the end they proclaimed that it was the worst movie that either of them had ever seen, that they preferred mysteries to Batman movies, and wondering why the producers destroyed all of those cars when there are plenty of people that need new cars, including them.


J Money said...

Yet another reason why I never go to the movies anymore.

Plang said...

Saw Batman at the Imax - it was good.

There are certain people in this world that you wish would choke on a piece of popcorn.