Friday, August 15, 2008

Lindsay and I watched Phelps win his 7th gold medal tonight. To be honest, I'm still a little skeptical. With 25M left, I thought he had lost. He had a ton of ground to make up and not much time to do it. Even at the end, in real time, I thought he had lost. What was that other guy doing? It looked like he came to a complete stop about 6 inches away from winning. In the time that it took that guy to go 6 inches, Phelps went 4 feet. Still, under water it looked to me like the other guy touched first. Well, Lindsay told me the rules are that both of your hands have to touch in order to stop the time. So maybe (and apparently) Phelps did get both his hands in there before the other guy.

Wow. I still want to see a replay of the 4 X 100 relay from earlier, because I haven't seen it. I'm not really one to like to watch swimming, but these races have been very cool to watch.


E said...

I think the fact that cavic was coasting into the touch pad made it compress slower. So Phelps had that last half stroke of thrust into the pad and beat him. .01 seconds is 3/4 inch. They only have an instant to decide to coast in or take one more stroke. Guess Cavic made the wrong decision.

The 4x100 relay was more amazing, you have to watch it. Lezak swam a 46.06 to come from behind against the current record holder!! The record in a normal 100 is 47 something. Talk about adrenalin!

Plang said...

Cavic's team posted a protest over the results thinking that the clocks were wrong. The swimming officials took them into their "special room" where the clocks and cameras are and watched it in super slo-mo (0.01 per frame). Phelps won. Cavic's team withdrew their protest after seeing it. Compared to gymnastics, this sport has its s*** together.

J Money said...

This would have made a nice post on a sports blog.