Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What do all of these things have in common? They show a human foot. Why would I have pictures of a foot?

Well, because this is my foot now. Notice the nice blue tint? How about the swelling? It's pretty nice! This picture was taken in the doctors office just before the x-rays came back. It really doesn't do it justice either.

How did this happen you might ask? Well an eighty pound ladder was jack-hammered into my left foot. The ladder (gorilla variety - the type can that go in all kinds of different positions) was set up as a 10 foot step ladder. The pins were pulled to lower the legs down and down they came. Rather rapidly I might note. Right onto my foot. It hurt like a master falcon. Literally, no exaggeration, within 1 minute, it looked like there was a golf ball under my skin. Ice was immediately applied and held for 45 minutes and I laid there with my foot up over night. The next day -- yesterday -- I went to the doctors office for x-rays.

The doctor walked in and said "Am I in the right room? I looked at some x-rays and they look fine, but your foot definitely does not look fine." They proceeded to check my foot and found that it probably is not broken and that I still have good circulation in it, but that I get to wear a special boot for a while. Let me tell you... it is GREAT looking! I'll be a fashion trend setter for sure with this thing.

Moral of the story? Don't drop 80 lb ladders on your bare feet.


E said...

So did you drop the whole ladder or did just the legs falling down to that? I am confused.

By the way, how about you wear shoes when you do house work? Duh.

Tim said...

I wasn't doing housework. I was going to bed. The ladder was taking up the whole bathroom so I wanted to fold it up.

I've updated the post to include a picture of the ladder. See the middle legs of the ladder? Those are what came slamming down like a jack hammer to my foot.