Friday, October 12, 2007

There's headline for the ALCS on ESPN.

It reads "Cleveland Clashes With Another Titan"

It might as well read "Lil' ole' Indians try to play a few competitive innings against the GREATEST TEAM IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE THAT ONLY EXISTS ON THE EAST COAST!"

Give me a freaking break. This is the same coverage that existed AFTER the Indians beat the Yankees. What'd you hear about then? Is A-Rod leaving New York? Was that Joe Torre's last game as manager? Mo Rivera is a free agent now. Who cares! How about you talk about the winning team?

This is how the teleprompter read:

Hello and welcome to ESPN.

In unexpected and disappointing news, some team from Cleveland beat the powerful New York Yankees last night.

How'd that happen?

I have no idea, but did you hear that Joe Torre might retire?

Why, no. I didn't hear that. Tell me more.

Okay, but wait just a minute. Breaking news that Alex Rodriguez might opt out of his contract.

Wow. I love the Yankees.

Me too, but that's not all. Mariano Rivera is now a free agent.

Say it ain't so! Not the Hammer of God!

He might sign with the Boston Red Sox though.

Oh? That'd be great! I love the Red Sox too! Yay!


e said...

Last time I checked, there were probably 50 times more yankees fans than Indian fans in this country. Just a fact of life ESPN is going to cater to the masses.

boilerdowd said...

It's still a sports network, Eric...Cleveland is winning- they should be the story. Without winning and the competitive nature of sports, there's no reason for ESPN.

They could go the way of MTV and become a sports-related network. They're kind of moving that way anyway.