Friday, October 5, 2007

Fans need to realize that game 1 is over. Sure, it's great to win it, but it's not a 1 game series. The Yankees have a terrific offense that is capable of scoring a lot of runs, and the Indians would have a hard time winning a slug fest. That said, the Indians have better starting pitching, and with the exception of closers, the Indians have better relief pitchers also.

In the playoffs, pitching and defense wins games, but it doesn't hurt to score 10+ runs.

I think, in general, if the Indians are going to win games, they're going to tend to be close, somewhat low scoring games. Something like 5-4, 4-2, etc. The Yankees have the ability to blow a game wide open though, which could lead them to victories in the 9-3 area.

I'll be at the game tonight and will be cheering for Carmona. We were at a game two weeks ago and saw him pitch well against the A's. I think he can do it again. I look for him to go 6 innings and give up 3-4 runs. If the Indians bullpen trio of Perez, Lewis, and Betancourt can shut down the Yankees in innings 7 and 8, it could get interesting in the 9th if they call on Borowski.

I was upset last night that they wasted Betancourt with a 9 run lead. That's the perfect situation for Borowski to come in, because even he would have a hard time screwing that up.

Tonight I'm officially predicting a score of 7-4 Indians.


e said...

"With the exception of closers they have a better bullpen." Man, that's an interesting statement!

Tim said...

Simplified reasoning:

A closer is only 1 guy, and generally a useless guy if your team isn't winning in the 9th inning.

A bullpen is a lot of guys.

The Indians have a better "lot of guys." The Yankees have a better "1 guy."