Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Since I'm back, I guess I need to start writing something useful.

On the morning of Saturday 7/7/07 (our wedding day), I was basically calm. It hadn't yet sunk in that I was getting married that day. I was running around trying to make sure everything was in place and didn't really have time to even think about it.

The reality didn't hit me until I stepped into the ante room off of the church's nave. Literally, didn't hit me. One second I was fine and then I crossed the entryway into that room and *BAM* it all just hit me in that instant. I could see the people in the church and it was just me and the minister there for a bit. The emotion of the moment flooded over me in that one step.

I was still okay though. While I was positive that I was absolutely going to lose it when Lindsay started walking down that isle (I'm talking snot bubbles and everything), I was bound and determined to remain composed to the best of my ability.

I have to say, I'm quite proud of myself. That's not to say that I didn't get emotional, because I definitely did, but I didn't turn into a blubbering baby with no control of his bodily functions.

There's another moment from that day that definitely stands out. When Lindsay was saying her vows she got choked up and some tears leaked out. That of course got me choked up. That in turn got my mom choked up, and then everyone seemed to be crying. I can't be sure about that because I was solely focused on Lindsay, but I've heard that from sources in attendance.

The wedding was perfect. Everything went by way too quickly, but it was definitely perfect.


boilerdowd said... didn't notice that Justin didn't have pants during most of the ceremony. Just as we suspected.

That said, Justin without pants is pretty perfect.

J Money said...

Those tall-walled pews made it easy to go without my drawers. Kept me cool, too.

As for the crying, yes, Ryan and I had to hold one another. Gently.

boilerdowd said...

you have soft hands.

Tim said...

You guys have serious issues. Do your wives know about said issues?

boilerdowd said...

No...but yours does!
(oh no he di-int)

boilerdowd said...

"Everything went by way too quickly,"

That's what she said.

That was easy, why didn't I do that earlier?

J Money said...

"I've heard from sources in attendance...."

Even talking about his wedding sounds like a congressional hearing. You'd think getting regular booty would change Tim's demeanor.