Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Moving is ahead of schedule. Lindsay is making two more trips today. After this, there will only be a very few big things that still need to make the trip. That means that this weekend, we can finish moving and can also do some cleaning. The week after that we'll be making a 1,250 mile road trip to two weddings. The new tenants move in to Lindsay's place (soon to be our other home - that is, our vacation home on the sunny west side of Cleveland) in two weeks.

Yesterday was my grandmothers last surgery. She had her port removed (something in her chest that they can use to access the blood vessels without needing to poke and prod her veins every time) and they also removed as much of the cancer as they could. They left some behind because it was intertwined with tendons and veins and such. Now the key is to find out how aggressively the cancer will grow. It's possible that it will not grow at all. I think she'll have the appointment for that in a week or so. Initially, her cancer was the most aggressive type, but chemotherapy could've changed that. They'll be monitoring her wit PET and CT scans every 6 months or so.

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J Money said...

a 1250 mile road trip to two weddings, eh? Sounds exciting. If only you were IN one of those weddings and were a major player in the whole spectacle... oh wait, you are!!