Saturday, August 27, 2005

This right here is what's wrong with professional sports:

Aug 26 - With the Pistons and Rockets going in other directions at two guard, Latrell Sprewell is now high on the Nuggets, the Denver Post reports. "I can confirm Latrell has interest and even hopes of playing there," agent Bob Gist said. Nuggets general manager Kiki Vandeweghe confirmed talking to Gist, who said Sprewell likes the speed of Denver's game, and the chance to team with former Knicks teammate Marcus Camby and coach George Karl.

Denver can only offer the $5 million midlevel exception, which Gist called "hard to digest," but he added Sprewell could be inclined to take it.

I know man... how are you going to survive on that chump change? There must be a shelter somewhere that you can stay in so that you're off the street. I've heard of a soup kitchen nearby. Maybe there's still some food over there for you. I wouldn't be able to digest $5 million either. What a horrible insult. Maybe you should take it up with the United Nations Security Council. Maybe they can impose sanctions on the NBA. You said that you couldn't feed your kids on $12 million a year. I hope you've got food stamps so that they don't go hungry on only $5 million a year.

What a freaking jackass. He, and players like him, are the reason why people hate the NBA.

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